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Terrace Block and Besser Block Masonry Retaining Wall

Cedervale Qld.

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Project Description

A new water reservoir was being installed for the residents of Cedervale. As part of this installation, retaining walls where required. That’s when Australian Retaining Walls were called in to help with the project.

After discussions with the project manager it was decided a Terrace block masonry wall would be used at the back of the new reservoir. This was to match existing walls onsite. We also used a significant amount of salvaged blocks from a wall that had previously been onsite, but had been recently removed.

The front of the reservoir was to have a small 200 series Besser block wall to be installed. After cutting and removing some of the existing road. We promptly constructed this wall. It is core filled with concrete and packed full of steel reinforcing.

Project Details

  • Client National Tapping Service
  • Type Besser Block Retaining Walls, Concrete Retaining Walls
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Servicing the Gold Coast, Queensland.
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