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Hardwood Sleepers with galvanised steel “H Beam” posts – Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast Qld

Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast Qld

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Project Description

Australian Retaining Walls were recruited to this Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast Qld residential property to replace the derelict treated pine sleeper wall. A new wall would be built with Hardwood Sleepers with galvanised steel “H Beam” posts but the main problem was the location. Situated between two sloping blocks on entirely different levels bringing in materials and machinery was challenging to say the least.

Firstly, we had to remove a couple of panels of fencing and some small trees before our excavator could dig himself a level track through to access the job. A 450mm auger was attached to the excavator so the driver could start drilling holes for the posts which would need to be 1.4 metres deep. The ground was very hard and it was slow going but eventually all the holes were dug down to the desired depth.

The excavator made his way back out to the street reinstating the land and trees we had disturbed getting in. Some very heavy materials were out the front and needed to be brought in so a sling was attached to the excavator and everything was taken in via the lower properties driveway and lifted up into the garden for us to manage.

A concrete pump would be required for this job because of the poor access and the large footings required. The galvanised steel “H Beam” posts were put into position and braced so the concrete could be pumped in quickly without disturbing them.

The Hardwood sleepers were cut to size and slotted in with the bottom sleeper resting on concrete to prevent sinking and the wall was backfilled with geotextile fabric, ag. pipe and 20mm drainage gravel. Another quality wall built with care and hard work from the construction team at Australian Retaining Walls. Our customers at Mudgeeraba were very pleased with the final outcome of this wall.

Project Details

  • Client Residential
  • Type Sleeper Retaining Walls, Timber Retaining Walls
Servicing the Gold Coast, Queensland.
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