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Hardwood sleepers with galvanised steel “H Beam” posts – Currumbin, Gold Coast Qld

Currumbin, Gold Coast Qld

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Project Description

This unit complex of around 100 residential units had a dilapidated body corporate wall that backed onto bushland that had been earmarked for development. Unfortunately for the residents of the complex, a survey of the land discovered a substantial encroachment into the land now belonging to the developers, resulting in the need for a new wall correctly aligned with the now relevant boundary line.

Working from the plan, Australian retaining walls set about establishing the new location for this Currumbin, Gold Coast Qld residential unit complex. Australian retaining walls also advised a switch from hardwood posts to galvanised steel H Beam posts. Apart from the extra-long lifespan, the galvanised steel “H Beam” posts are also one of the slimmest system options available in today’s market.

In order to keep down the cost associated with demolition and removal of the old hardwood sleeper wall, it was decided that the top two sleepers only would be removed and the remains could be buried behind the new Hardwood sleepers with galvanised steel “H Beam” posts retaining wall.

Our 5-ton excavator was brought to Currumbin, Gold Coast Qld to assist with the digging of the very large holes required for a wall of this magnitude. The holes were dug and all arisings were stockpiled, to be utilised later for backfill behind the new Hardwood sleepers with galvanised steel “H Beam” posts retaining wall.

At 1.6 metres tall in some places the wall also required close contact with the engineer as inspections are required and specifications need to be met at various stages of this build. With everything looking good, the team at Australian retaining walls could commence construction. All galvanised steel “H Beam” posts are braced and set in concrete to the exact height required before the hardwood sleepers are cut to length and installed. geotextile fabric is pinned behind the wall before a Bobcat is brought in to backfill the wall with 20mm drainage gravel and soil on top for the garden.

Our engineer associate provided the design and forms 15 & 16. Then on completion, our private certifier associate provided the final certificate form 21.

Project Details

  • Client Residential
  • Type Sleeper Retaining Walls, Timber Retaining Walls
Servicing the Gold Coast, Queensland.
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