Treated Pine Log Retaining Wall Installation in Southport, Gold Coast

Treated Pine Log Retaining Wall Installation in Southport, Gold Coast

Client Challenge

The homeowners in Southport, Gold Coast, faced the issue of a failing retaining wall that had served for about 20 years. They sought to replace it with a similar structure that could ensure durability and stability for years to come. The preference for a traditional Treated Pine log wall presented a unique challenge due to its reduced popularity and the specific construction requirements needed for such a style.

Our Solution

Responding to the client’s request for a similar yet more robust replacement, Australian Retaining Walls decided on a Treated Pine log retaining wall using double 150mm diameter posts instead of a single 200mm post to enhance the wall’s strength and longevity. The construction process involved the use of heavy machinery to remove the old logs and auger deep holes for the new posts, which were then set in concrete. The wall was built with layers of Treated Pine logs, backed by 20mm drainage gravel, geotextile fabric, and ag pipe to ensure proper drainage and stability.


The newly installed Treated Pine log retaining wall successfully met the homeowners' expectations, providing a stable and aesthetically pleasing boundary between the two properties. The addition of a 1.8m high Colorbond fence above the wall not only enhanced the privacy and security of the properties but also complemented the rustic look of the Treated Pine logs, creating a harmonious visual appeal.

Project Highlights

This project in Southport, Gold Coast, demonstrated Australian Retaining Walls' commitment to fulfilling client-specific requests while incorporating modern construction techniques for enhanced durability. The use of double posts for additional strength and the comprehensive installation of drainage systems exemplify the attention to detail and quality assurance that Australian Retaining Walls brings to each project. The final touch of a Colorbond fence provides an extra layer of privacy and finishes the project with a sleek, contemporary look.

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