Efficient Retaining Wall Solutions for New Build in Upper Coomera, Gold Coast

Efficient Retaining Wall Solutions for New Build in Upper Coomera, Gold Coast

Client Challenge

The client at this new build property in Upper Coomera, Gold Coast, required effective retaining wall solutions that would accommodate the unique topography of their land, divided into a cut side and a fill side. The design needed to ensure durability while maximising available land, particularly as the client desired a minimum of 1.5 meters of walkway around the entire house.

Our Solution

For the high side (cut side) of the property, Flush Face Garden Wall blocks were selected for their durability and aesthetic appeal. These blocks were strategically placed to create extra parking and garden spaces at the front, minimising excavation costs on the hard, rocky terrain. On the lower side (fill side), a hardwood sleeper retaining wall with galvanised steel H Beam posts was installed. This system, with its minimal 100mm thickness, was ideal for maximizing the narrow space near the boundary, providing ample room for the garage and pathways around the house.


The retaining wall solutions implemented at this Upper Coomera property successfully met the client's requirements for both functionality and space efficiency. The Flush Face Garden Wall blocks provided a robust and visually appealing structure at the front, while the hardwood sleeper wall with H Beam posts efficiently utilized the limited space on the fill side, all while being discreetly positioned near the boundary to maintain aesthetics.

Project Highlights

This project in Upper Coomera, Gold Coast, highlighted Australian Retaining Walls' ability to address the specific needs of a new build with complex site conditions. The use of Flush Face Garden Wall blocks and hardwood sleepers with H Beam posts not only ensured structural integrity and space maximisation but also adapted aesthetically to the property’s layout and the client's vision for ample walkways and functional outdoor areas.

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