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Parkwood, Heron Concrete Blocks

Parkwood, Gold Coast Qld.

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Project Description

Australian Retaining Walls answered the call from this client in Parkwood, Gold Coast Qld to add a Heron Concrete Block Wall to their property. At over 40 metres in length and 1 metre high, this Heron Concrete Block Wall began at the front of the property, clearly defining the car park area and continues around the side of the house and down to the back garden.

As well as retaining the land from the adjoining property the Heron Concrete Block Wall also creates a raised garden bed for the clients. Our client also requested a stairway to the currently inaccessible raised lawn area at the front where a seating area would be created.

Although the site had been largely cleared before Australian Retaining Walls arrived a small excavator was still required for some fine tuning on the footings and to excavate into the bank for our stairway to the top level.

The extremely hard rocky ground, although challenging to prepare provides a great solid base for our concrete footings and construction of this Heron Concrete Block Wall.

After consultation with our clients, Australian Retaining Walls began mapping and pegging out the site, locating the Heron Concrete Block Wall in the premium position to maximize the area created for the car park and to leave a good size walkthrough to the back garden.

The guys at Australian Retaining Walls were now ready to commence building of this Heron Concrete Block Wall located in Parkwood, Gold Coast Qld. As always the base blocks are firstly set into a concrete footing and left overnight to solidify. In the morning the rest of the building can begin along with the core filling of the blocks.

Our drainage system is put in place using 65mm drainage pipe and 20mm gravel for behind the wall. A layer of geotextile fabric is pinned to the bank behind the wall to prevent soil particles seeping through the front of the wall or into the drainage gravel. The 65mm drainage pipe is outletted through the wall at several points closest to existing drains.

After construction of the wall is completed and the stairs have been built the final stage of another successful Australian Retaining Walls project can begin. The rectangular caps have to be positioned and the angles cut into them so they can blend seamlessly around the natural curves of the wall. Finally the caps are glued down to provide the perfect finish to another Australian Retaining Walls project.

Project Details

  • Client Residential.
  • Type Concrete Retaining Walls, Keystone, Vertica, Heron Retaining Walls
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Servicing the Gold Coast, Queensland.
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