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Concrete Sleepers With Galvanised Steel “H Beam” Post Retaining Walls

Gilston, Gold Coast Qld.

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Project Description

Once again another one of our clients got quite a surprise after the cut for their house pad was completed. They found that they would be requiring a lot more retaining walls that they had not originally planned for. It is very common for owners to underestimate exactly the extent of retaining walls required for their project. It’s a common mistake constantly made even by well established seasoned builders.

After the builder had cut the block for the house pad Australian Retaining Walls were called in for an appraisal and advice on what would be the most suitable wall for the site.

Australian Retaining Walls were consulted and after careful consideration of several suitable systems a Concrete sleeper wall with “H Beam” posts were found to be the most feasible at this site. The client’s wanted all the spare room available on their land as the garage was quite close to the boundary. This system is the thinnest system available to us on the market at only 100 mm total thickness it left plenty of room down the side for the proposed garage, even after being 600mm within the property boundary.

Note the 100mm for total thickness of wall.

If you’re wondering why the wall ends abruptly it’s because a rock wall will be extended from this end in the near future. This home is actually constructed on a rock site, so we used a large excavator to drill the holes for the posts on this site.

Project Details

  • Client Residential
  • Type Concrete Retaining Walls, Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls
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Servicing the Gold Coast, Queensland.
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