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Bushrock Boulders Upper Coomera

Upper Coomera, Gold Coast Qld

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Project Description

The owners of this property new exactly what they wanted, a bush rock wall like the one up the street. Australian Retaining Walls were of course, happy to assist.

Following specifications laid out by the owners, the first step for this Bush Rock wall in Upper Coomera, Gold Coast Qld would be excavation. Our 5 tonne machine with a rock breaking attachment would be needed to penetrate the hard clay. As it turned out the clay broke away easier than expected and after taking delivery of the first truckload of rock the bobcat could start moving rocks into position for construction to begin.

Now that all the rocks are close by, Australian Retaining Walls begin by selecting the biggest Bush Rocks for the base. These rocks are moved into position by our excavator’s rock grabbing attachment. A ‘spotter’ will assist the excavator operator with positioning while also making sure that the excavator doesn’t get too close to the building or any other hazards.

Once all the base rocks are in position the second course is built out of the medium sized Bush Rocks. At this point the guys at Australian Retaining Walls will start selecting the best Bush Rock for capping and lay them aside until needed. The wall continues in this same vein until the desired height is reached and the caps are finally put in place. At this point you should have a pile of fist sized Bush Rocks left over for plugging up any gaps. These are hammered into place to complete another successful project for Australian Retaining Walls.

Project Details

  • Client Residential
  • Type Bushrock Boulder Retaining Walls, Rock Retaining Walls
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Servicing the Gold Coast, Queensland.
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