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Hardwood wall with steel posts & new fence Arundel

Arundel, Gold Coast Qld.

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Project Description

Australian Retaining walls were recruited to replace yet another failing timber retaining wall.

Something that we often find when dealing with this style of wall is that the horizontal sleepers would probably survive a few more years, but the timber posts have completely rotted out. In order to address this problem Australian Retaining walls suggest that the Hardwood wall with steel posts would be a better option for our client in Arundel, Gold Coast Qld. The client was quick to agree as he really liked the look of a timber wall and did not want to lose any land in an already narrow pathway. This system is the thinnest system available on the market at only 100mm total thickness ensuring the existing path remained unaltered.

The first task for Australian Retaining walls on most projects is usually demolition and disposal and this job was no different. The old fence panels are carefully sawn up into manageable pieces and carried out to the waiting skip , quickly followed by the old timber retaining wall. The bank behind the wall is cut back where required-usually where a post has rotted and the wall has blown out. When the site is cleared the guys at Australian Retaining walls pull a string line and mark out where the post holes will be dug. Often an excavator will be required to drill holes for our posts, but if the ground is soft and sandy (as was the case here) the holes will be hand dug. The steel posts are then set to the exact height using a laser level. Once the concrete for the posts has set the Hardwood sleepers are trimmed if necessary and lowered into place. The bottom sleeper will rest on concrete pads to prevent any movement in the wall. After all the Hardwood sleepers are installed a 65mm drainage pipe is placed behind the bottom sleeper and the wall is backfilled with 20mm gravel.

The final stage of this Australian Retaining walls project was to install the timber fence. The posts are set in the ground in concrete, followed by attaching the rails with 100mm baton screws. Finally the palings are nailed on and the top trimmed if necessary.

Another great job completed on time by Australian Retaining walls

Project Details

  • Client Residential.
  • Type Sleeper Retaining Walls, Timber Retaining Walls
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Servicing the Gold Coast, Queensland.
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