One of the most common questions we get asked is. How much per metre does a timber wall cost?
Or how much per metre does a Keystone wall cost?
While this may seem like a simple question, that should be easy to answer. It is in fact a very complex question, that we require much more information before giving any sort of reasonable answer to.
Let’s take the timber wall for example-
We need to know what the person asking this question actually requires.
Is the retaining wall to be made from Hardwood or Pine? H4 or H5 treated? What height is the wall? (This will help determine the post spacing’s). What size timbers are required for the posts? What size timbers are required for the horizontal beams? Is the wall going into sand, clay, shale or rock? Do we have access for a machine to dig the holes or do they need to be hand dug? Is there a surcharge going to be placed on top of the wall? Will tie backs be required? Is the wall 1,000 metres? 100 metres or only 10 metres? When and where is the proposed wall to be constructed?
Only after the answers of these questions have been found can we even begin to get a picture of the proposed retaining wall. If an accurate price is to be given it will also require a site inspection.
As you can see. The answer is not a simple as saying for example $250 per square metre.
A keystone wall, if it has geogrid reinforcing is far more complex than the example of a timber wall.
We do have indicative prices on our website.