Our Strategic Objective

To be the premier retaining wall contracting company in South East Queensland .We will deliver well built , value for money retaining wall systems .We are focused on the Gold Coast and Brisbane corridor to South Brisbane .
Customers will be able to get an affordable and well constructed wall. Built on time at a fixed price as promised .They can pick from a wide range of our standard systems .The jobsite will remain clean from start to finish, with the emphasis on the detail of the finished job. The client will feel satisfied by the extremely efficient service provided by the polite, friendly staff.
Australian Retaining Walls will be a distinctly Australian business, designed to serve all ethnic and economic classes. With an emphasis on local products and recycling to help the local economy and environment.
Every aspect of Australian Retaining Walls will be standardized and tightly monitored and controlled. All walls constructed will be from either a standard design or a custom engineers design. All walls will be backed by a 7 year conditional written guarantee.
Employees will wear uniforms and each team will follow exactly the same procedures. We will emphasize service, cleanliness, friendliness and above all, customer satisfaction.