Why should you use timber for Retaining Walls?

A well-built, sturdy, and strong retaining wall can add to any landscape, offering both aesthetic appeal and a high degree of safety to any sloped property. When constructed properly, a retaining wall built of landscape timbers provides as much stability as any concrete or rock block wall coupled with lovely, natural looks that only wood can provide. The other important beneficial feature of timber retaining wall is the functionality that wood provides, facilitating any number of designs that could be easily customised for a particular landscape.

A timber retaining wall is just as durable, sturdy, and functional as any stone, block, or concrete wall. In addition to that, it is a safe and effective way to add a dynamic feature to your landscape. Wood is known for adding a certain luster to any type of landscape, and serves as a great material to use in the yard. A timber retaining wall acts as a pleasant decorative feature that is an asset to any yard. It’s also a strong retaining wall that can stop an existing hill from sliding and also provides a robust support to new landscaping.

Whilst building timber retaining walls, it is very essential to properly lay out and design your wall to make sure the end result is truly wonderful. If you need to build a small timber retaining wall, you could easily make it your weekend do-it-yourself job, but for a large wall that needs to hold back a large sloping area, it is advisable to opt for a professional landscape service that has good experience in large and intricate retaining wall construction. This especially applies to a terraced wall which might require stairs built into it.

Some people may question the durability and strength of a timber retaining wall. If right techniques are used whilst building these walls, they can be exceptionally strong and can hold back large amounts of dirt without any problem. In fact, the bigger and more complex the timber wall, the stronger it is. This is because of the reason that each section of the timber retaining wall is tied together, creating a large interconnected framework. This yields a very sturdy and heavy wall, which is impervious to just anything!

So, if you are a homeowner with a sloping landscape, a timber retaining wall is one of the best ways to add an appealing visual element to your landscape, which would also add value to your whole property. A reliable and reputed company known for its expertise in constructing retaining walls is Australian Retaining Walls. Visit australianretainingwalls.com.au to know more about the company.