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Yatala, B Grade Sandstone Boulders

Yatala, Gold Coast Qld.

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Project Description

Once again Australian Retaining Walls were called in to replace a failing timber wall. Although failing, this wall probably would have lasted another 3-4 years but our client not only needed a structurally safe option but really wanted to enhance the look of the pool area as well. Discussions took place and a “B Grade Cut” Sandstone boulder wall was decided upon to bring a quite dramatic change to the landscape. Coupled with the large machine carved sandstone steps these “B Grade Cut” Sandstone boulders really brought home the effect desired by our clients in Yatala, Gold Coast Qld.

The first task at hand for the guys at Australian Retaining Walls was demolishing the old timber wall. Various saws and demolition equipment were acquired from the trailer and the guys got stuck in! When the old wall is finally down and all the timber disposed of in a skip bin it’s time to bring in the heavy machinery. On a“B Grade Cut” Sandstone boulders project like this when large rocks are involved the excavator is not only required for digging and preparing the jobsite, It is also needed for building the wall. Our skilled operator begins with excavating the bank, Stock piling all the excess soil to be moved to another area of the garden. Utilizing the excess soil elsewhere also helps to keep disposal costs down.

Once all earthworks are completed the operator switches his digging bucket attachment for the rock grab and construction of this “B Grade Cut” Sandstone boulder wall begins. Aided by a spotter, boulders are carefully selected and moved into place. The addition of the carved sandstone stairs requires a different strategy than normal. Usually the bottom tier would be completed entirely first, followed by the top tier. On this project however the bottom and top tiers were built simultaneously up to the designated area for the stairs at which point the stairs are put into place. When the guys at Australian Retaining Walls have the stairs positioned perfectly construction of the “B Grade Cut” Sandstone boulder wall can be completed.

A stunning result, ready for the landscapers to come in and lay turf on the top tier with plants and mulch for the middle and bottom tiers.

Project Details

  • Client Residential.
  • Type B Grade Cut Sandstone Boulder Retaining Walls, Rock Retaining Walls
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Servicing the Gold Coast, Queensland.
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