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Windsor concrete blocks Carrara

Carrara, Gold Coast Qld.

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Project Description

The owners of this home needed more off street parking. Our instructions were simple cut the front yard out to make room for vehicles to park legally.

The biggest challenge faced by Australian Retaining Walls on this Carrara, Gold Coast Qld project was the busy road at the front of the property, coupled with the property’s location on a small roundabout managing the passing traffic was an important part of this project.

An 8 tonne excavator was required along with several trucks to dig out and dispose of the old raised front garden. After a solid days digging the site was almost ready for installation of the Windsor concrete blocks.

After levels were determined with the laser, construction could begin. The Windsor concrete blocks are layed on a concrete footing and backfilled with 20mm gravel. A 65mm drainage pipe is installed behind the wall and outletted at a pre-determined spot to allow excess water to escape. Geotextile fabric is pinned to the cut of the bank to prevent soil particles mixing with the gravel.

After construction of the wall and steps was completed the final stage of this Windsor concrete block wall project in Carrara, Gold Coast, Qld was to import some soil and lay turf. Providing a complete transformation and a new parking area for our clients.

New steps to the front door were also required. These would be built with a different block as the Windsor concrete blocks are not suitable for step construction. The Versa concrete block was chosen in a slightly lighter shade to provide a contrast between the wall and steps. As you can see this colour scheme turns the staircase into a stunning feature for our clients in Carrara, Gold Coast Qld.

Project Details

  • Client Residential.
  • Type Concrete Retaining Walls, Windsor, Keystone Garden Retaining Walls
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Servicing the Gold Coast, Queensland.
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