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Versa Concrete Blocks – Reedy Creek

Versa concrete blocks - Reedy Creek

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Project Description

Australian Retaining Walls were invited to this Reedy Creek, Gold Coast Qld property to upgrade the old and worn out looking timber walls. Recent renovations to the outside of the building had highlighted the need to replace the retaining walls in various positions around the site. After some consultation, A Versa concrete block retaining wall system in charcoal colour was chosen.

Limited access would prove to be the biggest challenge on this Australian Retaining Walls Versa concrete block retaining wall project. One small gate at the front would have to be removed and reinstalled at the end of the job, this being the only entry point to the back garden. Luckily the Versa concrete blocks could be winched over the side fence by a crane which saved a lot of painful lifting and pushing wheelbarrows up a steep gradient.

With all the materials in place, construction got underway. The base blocks were laid on a concrete footing and then stacked to the desired height, core filled with gravel before the cap was glued down on top.

A 65mm drainage pipe was installed behind the wall with more gravel on top and geotextile fabric to prevent silt clogging up the drainage system.

Another successful project completed by Australian Retaining Walls

Project Details

  • Client Residential
  • Type Concrete Retaining Walls, Keystone, Vertica, Heron Retaining Walls
Servicing the Gold Coast, Queensland.
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