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Textured Concrete sleepers with galvanised steel “H Beam” posts Nerang

Nerang, Gold Coast Qld.

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Project Description

Suncrest Homes came to us wanting a concrete sleeper wall and after careful consideration of several suitable systems a Textured Concrete sleepers with galvanised steel “H Beam” posts was found to be the most feasible at this site. The client’s wanted all the spare room available on their land as the garage was quite close to the boundary and this system only requires 150mm total width.

After the builder had cut the block for the house pad Australian Retaining Walls returned to get works underway at this property in Nerang, Gold Coast Qld. Our excavator was utilised with a 450mm auger attachment to drill holes for the posts. The hard clay makes drilling a challenge even for a large machine, especially as we were drilling down 1.5 meters to accommodate the large posts required for this 1.4 metre tall Textured Concrete sleeper wall. After the excavator has finished the posts need to be set in concrete at the exact height using a laser level. This can be quite time consuming especially when using 3 metre tall 100kg steel posts!

Note the 150mm for total thickness of wall.

Once the concrete has hardened around the posts the Textured Concrete sleepers can be lowered down into place. This task is normally completed by hand but the height of this wall and the extra-large Textured Concrete sleepers required for a wall of this magnitude combined to make this impossible. Our excavator would have to return, this time with a sling attachment to lift and lower the Textured Concrete sleepers into place.

The final part of this Nerang, Gold Coast Qld project for Australian Retaining Walls would be the installation of a 100mm drainage pipe and 20mm gravel behind the wall to prevent the build-up of hydraulic pressure. Geotextile fabric will be used to separate soil from gravel behind the wall ensuring the 100mm pipe does not clog up.

As you can see from the pictures this is a great looking system and extremely durable, a perfect addition to you property.

Project Details

  • Client Suncrest Homes.
  • Type Concrete Retaining Walls, Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls
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Servicing the Gold Coast, Queensland.
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