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Flush face Garden Wall concrete blocks – Robina, Gold Coast

Robina, Gold Coast

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Project Description

Australian Retaining Walls were called to Robina, Gold Coast Qld, to create a flat usable area out of this severely sloping back waterfront yard. The main reason our client decided on this change was that he had been mowing the sloping yard for years and it was becoming way too hard on the back and legs! A Flush face Garden Wall style of retainer was recommended by our sales representative and the client really liked the look of this block so it was agreed, and groundwork could commence. Although there is plenty of room in the back yard the passageway down the side of the house was quite narrow and would only allow our small excavator to pass. Fortunately, the ground was soft, and our digger made light work of scraping off the grass and digging some footings. All arising’s were retained on site for backfilling the wall saving our client on any disposal costs.

With excavation completed and levels established, construction could get underway. All the blocks and concrete would need to be brought round in wheelbarrows because it was not feasible to track a bobcat back and forth due to the narrow passageway and the considerable damage that would be done to the existing paving and gardens.

The main walls were soon built and after our clients in Robina, Gold Coast Qld saw how good they looked they decided to replace another smaller timber wall on the top level to match the Flush face Garden Wall that we had just created. More barrowing was required to bring down the topsoil and after it was graded turf was laid to put the finishing touch on this now flat and easy to mow backyard!

Project Details

  • Client Residential
  • Type Concrete Retaining Walls, Flush Face Garden Wall Concrete Blocks
Servicing the Gold Coast, Queensland.
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