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Flush Face Garden Wall Concrete Blocks – Currumbin Valley, Gold Coast

Currumbin Valley, Gold Coast

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Project Description

Once again Australian Retaining Walls were called to a rapidly failing timber retaining wall to provide the best solution for our client in Currumbin Valley, Gold Coast Qld. The main problem at this property was the amount of rain water running down from the raised gardens and lawns surrounding the house. Coupled with non-existent drainage system the timber walls simply rotted away in time. It hadn’t rained for couple of weeks when we arrived but the ground behind the wall was still wet-this is because there was no gravel and no drainage pipe behind the wall.

Flush Face Garden Wall concrete blocks were chosen to replace the timber sleepers and demolition of the old wall was first on the agenda. Once completed a small amount of soil was shaved from the embankment to make room for the Flush Face Garden Wall concrete blocks. The guys at Australian Retaining Walls then began the construction process, the base blocks are laid on a concrete footing and then the rest are stacked on top. A 65mm drainage pipe is installed behind the wall and exit points are created wherever there is a drain nearby. The pipe is then covered with 20mm gravel and geotextile fabric is used to separate the soil and gravel to prevent silt blocking the pipe.

Half way along the Flush Face Garden Wall we also created an entrance way to the stairs which take you up to the lawn area and garden shed. Not only did we improve the look of this

Currumbin Valley, Gold Coast Qld property, we also ensured there would be no more issues with damp around the house.


Project Details

  • Client Residential
  • Type Concrete Retaining Walls, Flush Face Garden Wall Concrete Blocks
Servicing the Gold Coast, Queensland.
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