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C.C.A. Treated hardwood sleepers and link block Retaining Walls

Reedy Creek, Gold Coast Qld.

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Project Description

The owner of this property new exactly what they wanted built and where it was to go. The builder had advised the owner of the new home under construction that a treated hardwood sleeper wall would be their best option. Due to not having a lot of space between the boundary and the new home a vertical system had to be chosen. We also suggested a concrete sleeper wall but the hardwood sleeper wall was eventually chosen as it was within the overall home’s construction budget.

Australian Retaining Walls organised the engineer design and relevant forms for the Gold Coast City Council. This wall was in fact quite a challenge as we had to socket these posts into very hard rock. It took a 12 ton excavator with rock breaker the best part of a day just to prepare the holes ready for the posts.

The fill side of the home also required a wall. After further discussions with the home owner a link block retaining system was chosen for this side, as there was enough room between the house and boundary. This whole site is sitting on very solid bedrock.

Project Details

  • Client Residential
  • Type Sleeper Retaining Walls, Timber Retaining Walls
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Servicing the Gold Coast, Queensland.
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