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Ashmore, Windsor concrete blocks

Ashmore, Gold Coast Qld.

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Project Description

It is not uncommon for a failed retaining wall to effect two properties, especially when they are back-to-back and one property is higher up.

Australian Retaining walls were contacted to assist these neighbours with making a decision on the best system to replace another failed timber retaining wall and fence.

Upon inspection and after discussions with the owners of both properties, Australian Retaining walls recommended Windsor concrete blocks, with a Colorbond fence for our clients at these two Ashmore, Gold Coast Qld properties. Our clients agreed and a date for work to commence was arranged.

After an initial inspection of this worksite in Ashmore, Gold Coast Qld. The guys at Australian Retaining walls decided to utilize access from both the top and bottom properties.

Demolition began from the top property with the old fence carefully dismantled and passed down to the lower property for disposal in the already acquired skip bins. The failing timber wall followed suit and demolition was complete. A narrow gate opening and several steps along with limited space on the driveway of the lower property led to the decision that concrete would be mixed on the top property and brought down through the garden for the Windsor concrete block wall footings and the Colorbond fence posts.

The Windsor concrete block wall was of course, to be constructed first. String lines were set up and heights shot with the laser in order to obtain the perfect position for another Australian Retaining walls project. As the housing for the pool pump proved immovable this Windsor concrete block wall almost became two separate walls! The first part of the wall-visible in the picture below- had to be cut into the pool pump frame from top to bottom at which point the wall stops and recommences at the other side of the pump, with more Windsor concrete blocks cut to suit. The remaining Windsor concrete blocks are set in a footing of concrete and allowed to dry overnight. In the morning the guys return to begin installation of the drainage system. We begin with laying a 65mm drainage pipe behind the already set blocks for the entire length of the wall, with an outlet at the lowest point. Geotextile fabric is then pinned to the embankment to separate soil from the 20mm gravel which is used to cover the pipe and backfill the Windsor concrete block wall.

Once the wall is built to the desired height and backfilled construction of the colorbond fence begins. When a colorbond fence steps like this one does, the Windsor concrete blocks are a perfect accompaniment as they can be stacked afterwards to match exactly the step up of the fence ensuring no unwanted gaps at the bottom of the fence. Another project completed with minimal disruption to both of Australian Retaining walls extremely satisfied customers!

Project Details

  • Client Residential.
  • Type Concrete Retaining Walls, Windsor, Keystone Garden Retaining Walls
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Servicing the Gold Coast, Queensland.
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