Boulder Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are protective structures, which can be used to secure earth so that you can easily create different types of landscape for your garden. They help prevent erosion, create raised flower beds, and even slopes.

Retaining walls can be made from a wide range of materials, such as concrete, stones, boulders, large slabs, railroad ties and more. There are even limestone retaining walls to adorn your garden with. Not only do these walls look attractive, but also offer security and privacy. If you want, you could even use retaining walls as feature walls by adding some focal points of attraction like fountains, plants, and the like. A retaining wall made from natural materials offers an earthy or natural look to the entire landscape, giving a very smooth and finished appearance. Boulder retaining walls are ideal for natural landscaping.

Boulder rock retaining walls appear natural in any landscape. A retaining wall should be as strong as possible to support the soil behind it, and boulders naturally perform this task. Boulder retaining walls provide the look many homeowners long for and the essential functionality needed for an effective retaining wall. Boulder walls are one of the most preferred choices of homeowners for building retaining walls. In fact, multi-family housing developments look much better and less commercial with boulder retaining walls.

Boulder retaining walls are beautiful and cost-effective. If you want to achieve best results, always try to make sure you know what the rock looks like before going ahead. Boulder walls should start out with large size rocks and move up to smaller rocks. You would find that a typical boulder wall starts out with five foot rocks and work on up to two foot rocks for the uppermost level. Building boulder retaining walls with same sized rocks will not yield the desired results.

The boulders need to be of correct size, according to the size of the retaining wall, for ensuring both strength and aesthetic value. A good selection of large, medium, and small sized boulder rocks will give rise to a sturdy and beautiful retaining wall. You could use field stones, granite, limestones, or any other type of natural stone for creating a boulder retaining wall. The high mass of the boulder rocks makes them a very effective retaining wall.

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