Hardwood Sleeper Retaining Wall with H Beam Posts in Gold Coast

Hardwood Sleeper Retaining Wall with H Beam Posts in Gold Coast

Client Challenge

The property owner received an Enforcement Notice from the Gold Coast City Council due to a deteriorating timber retaining wall that posed a risk to neighbouring properties. The challenge was to construct a new wall that not only stabilized the land but also maximized the limited space available for essential utilities like gas bottles and a water heater, which were difficult to relocate.

Our Solution

Australian Retaining Walls proposed a hardwood sleeper retaining wall reinforced with galvanised steel H Beam posts. This system was chosen for its minimal profile, taking up only 100mm in total thickness, thereby providing more usable land on the lower level. The durability of the H Beam posts ensures that they will outlast the timber, offering a cost-effective solution for future maintenance or replacement.


The new retaining wall effectively stabilized the property and addressed the compliance issues highlighted by the Gold Coast City Council. The slim profile of the wall allowed the client to gain additional space on their property, essential for accommodating their utilities. The use of H Beam posts guarantees a long-lasting solution, with the flexibility to replace only the hardwood sleepers if necessary, avoiding the cost of reconstructing an entirely new wall.

Project Highlights

This project demonstrated Australian Retaining Walls' ability to address complex regulatory and spatial challenges. The hardwood sleeper wall with H Beam posts not only resolved the structural issues but also enhanced the property’s functionality. The project highlights include strategic planning to maximize space, use of durable materials for longevity, and innovative solutions to comply with local council regulations.

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