Hardwood and Link Block Retaining Wall Installation in New Gold Coast Home

Hardwood and Link Block Retaining Wall Installation in New Gold Coast Home

Client Challenge

The owner of a newly constructed home in Gold Coast was advised to install a retaining wall due to limited space between the boundary and the house. The main challenge was to find a retaining wall solution that would fit within the construction budget and the restricted space, while also being capable of being installed in very hard rock.

Our Solution

After extensive discussions and planning, a treated hardwood sleeper wall was chosen for its cost-effectiveness and suitability for vertical installation, fitting within the home's construction budget. Australian Retaining Walls took charge of arranging the engineering design and obtaining the necessary approvals from Gold Coast City Council. The installation was particularly challenging due to the hard rock conditions, requiring a 12-ton excavator equipped with a rock breaker to prepare the post sockets.

For the fill side of the home, where more space was available, a link block retaining system was selected. This choice provided a more flexible installation due to the additional space and was ideal for the site's solid bedrock foundation.


The treated hardwood sleeper wall effectively met the spatial and budgetary needs of the property owner, while the link block retaining system on the fill side complemented the overall landscaping aesthetic and provided necessary support. Both walls were installed successfully, overcoming the challenges posed by the tough bedrock and limited space.

Project Highlights

This project in Gold Coast showcases our ability to adapt retaining wall solutions to the specific constraints of a new home construction. The combination of treated hardwood sleeper and link block retaining systems illustrates our commitment to delivering functional and cost-effective solutions tailored to the unique conditions of the site. This case study highlights our expertise in managing complex installations and ensuring that all structural and regulatory requirements are met seamlessly.

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