Emergency Hardwood Timber Sleeper Wall Repair in Gold Coast Home

Emergency Hardwood Timber Sleeper Wall Repair in Gold Coast Home

Client Challenge

The owner of a residential property in Gold Coast, who had previously engaged us for partial retaining wall repairs, contacted us again following another collapse. Facing ongoing structural issues and limited by budget constraints due to being on a pension, the homeowner needed a cost-effective yet durable solution to prevent further deterioration.

Our Solution

Understanding the urgency of the situation and the financial limitations of the homeowner, we opted to repair the collapsed section with a C.C.A. H4 treated hardwood timber sleeper wall. This material choice provides both affordability and resilience, making it suitable for the owner's immediate and long-term needs. Our team acted swiftly to remove the debris and stabilise the area to prevent further damage.


The new treated hardwood timber sleeper wall was installed promptly, ensuring that the property was secured and preventing any further risk to the surrounding area. In addition to repairing the wall, we also reinstated the adjacent timber fence that had fallen, fully restoring the affected area of the property. The cleanup was thorough, leaving the site safe and orderly, much to the homeowner's satisfaction.

Project Highlights

This project highlights Australian Retaining Walls' commitment to providing practical and economical solutions tailored to the specific circumstances of our clients. The use of C.C.A. H4 treated hardwood timber sleepers for the retaining wall repair exemplifies our ability to deliver durable and cost-effective results under constrained budgets, particularly for clients with limited financial resources. The swift and efficient response to the emergency situation underscores our dedication to customer care and structural integrity.

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