Revitalizing Currumbin Complex with New Boundary-Aligned Retaining Wall

Revitalizing Currumbin Complex with New Boundary-Aligned Retaining Wall

Client Challenge:

A residential complex in Currumbin, Gold Coast QLD, comprising around 100 units, faced a significant challenge with a deteriorating body corporate wall bordering bushland slated for development. A land survey revealed a considerable encroachment into developer-owned land, necessitating the construction of a new retaining wall aligned with the revised boundary line.

Our Solution:

Australian Retaining Walls was tasked with establishing the new wall's location based on updated plans. We recommended transitioning from hardwood posts to more durable galvanised steel H Beam posts, which offer an extended lifespan and a sleek profile. To minimize costs, it was decided to remove only the top two sleepers of the old wall, allowing the remainder to be buried behind the new structure. Utilizing a 5-ton excavator, we prepared the site, with excavated materials set aside for later use as backfill. Given the wall's height of up to 1.6 metres in some areas, collaboration with an engineer was crucial to ensure compliance with all specifications and required inspections throughout the construction process.


The new retaining wall, constructed with Hardwood sleepers and galvanised steel H Beam posts, not only rectified the boundary encroachment issue but also significantly enhanced the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the complex's perimeter. The wall was completed with geotextile fabric and backfilled with drainage gravel and soil, ready for landscaping. Our engineering and certification partners provided all necessary documentation, ensuring the project met all regulatory standards.

Project Highlights:

  • Location: Currumbin, Gold Coast QLD
  • Solution: Hardwood sleepers with galvanised steel H Beam posts
  • Challenge: Boundary encroachment and deteriorating existing wall
  • Innovation: Cost-effective solution by reusing excavated materials and upgrading to more durable materials
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