Sawn Sandstone Boulder Wall Installation in Gold Coast

Sawn Sandstone Boulder Wall Installation in Gold Coast

Client Challenge

The client was unexpectedly required to install major retaining walls after the land was cut for their new house pad, a necessity that hadn't been anticipated. This unexpected development needed a quick and effective solution to prevent any delays in the ongoing construction of their home.

Our Solution

Australian Retaining Walls conducted a thorough appraisal and proposed the construction of a sawn sandstone boulder wall as the most suitable option for the site. The client preferred the neat, structured look of sawn sandstone over the more natural appearance of random boulders. We coordinated the design and liaised with the builder and private certifiers to expedite the building application, ensuring there were no delays in the construction schedule. The wall was constructed using an 8-ton excavator with a rock grab, which facilitated a rapid installation compared to more labor-intensive, hand-built systems.


The sawn sandstone boulder wall was successfully installed, measuring approximately 3.5 meters high by 18 meters long. It provided the necessary support for the house pad and satisfied both the aesthetic preferences of the client and the practical needs of the builder. The quick installation meant that there was no disruption to the ongoing construction, and both the client and the builder were pleased with the efficiency and the final look of the wall.

Project Highlights

This project highlights Australian Retaining Walls' ability to respond swiftly and effectively to unforeseen construction challenges. The use of sawn sandstone boulders not only enhanced the property's visual appeal but also provided robust support crucial for the safety and stability of the new house pad. The project demonstrates our expertise in managing and executing retaining wall installations that meet both client expectations and construction timelines efficiently.

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