Sandstone Boulder Walls for Erosion Control in Gold Coast Acreage

Sandstone Boulder Walls for Erosion Control in Gold Coast Acreage

Client Challenge

The owners of an acreage property noticed significant erosion and unsettling of the earth below their newly installed garage, highlighted by a concerning crack developing in the ground. They needed a reliable and cost-effective solution to prevent further damage and ensure the stability of their property.

Our Solution

Australian Retaining Walls was consulted and recommended the construction of random sandstone boulder walls as the most effective method to control the erosion. Understanding the clients' need for assurance and durability, we coordinated with our engineering associates to provide a detailed design and necessary forms to meet engineering standards. The construction process involved strategically placing sandstone boulders to create robust retaining walls capable of withstanding environmental stresses.


The sandstone boulder walls successfully stabilized the land beneath the garage, mitigating the risk of further erosion. The clients were highly satisfied with the aesthetic improvement and the functional benefits provided by the walls. The engineered design ensured that the walls would offer long-term, trouble-free service, securing the property’s safety and value.

Project Highlights

This project showcased Australian Retaining Walls' ability to address complex environmental challenges through tailored solutions. The engineering-backed sandstone boulder walls not only resolved the immediate erosion issues but also enhanced the property's landscape. The project highlights include effective collaboration with engineering professionals, skillful execution of the wall construction, and a commitment to providing cost-effective yet durable solutions for erosion control.

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