Rock Wall Construction for Vehicle Access in a Gold Coast Home

Rock Wall Construction for Vehicle Access in a Gold Coast Home

Client Challenge

The owners of a newly constructed home in Gold Coast needed a three-metre-wide access pathway down the lower side of their house for vehicle access to their large backyard. Initially, they sought a cost-effective solution using rock, and Australian Retaining Walls provided an obligation-free quote based on the open access conditions at the time.

Our Solution

Upon reinspection six months later, following the homeowners' decision to proceed, significant changes were discovered. A new home was being built next door, and the yard had been fully fenced to secure family pets, which altered the accessibility and logistics originally accounted for. After a thorough site assessment, we presented the owners with an updated proposal reflecting the new conditions and requirements for construction. Once the revised quote was accepted, we proceeded with constructing the rock wall according to the new strategy.


Despite the initial unforeseen challenges, the rock wall was successfully constructed, enabling the desired three-metre-wide vehicle access to the backyard. The wall was built to accommodate the changed site conditions without compromising on quality or functionality. The owners were pleased with the flexibility and effectiveness of Australian Retaining Walls in adapting to the new circumstances and delivering a solution that met their needs.

Project Highlights

This project exemplifies Australian Retaining Walls' adaptability and commitment to client satisfaction, showcasing our ability to handle changes in project scope and site conditions effectively. The construction of the rock wall not only provided practical vehicle access but also added aesthetic value to the property. This demonstrates our expertise in offering customised solutions and managing projects efficiently, even when initial plans require significant adjustments.

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