Rip Rap Rock Armouring for Lakeside Property in Benowa, Gold Coast

Rip Rap Rock Armouring for Lakeside Property in Benowa, Gold Coast

Client Challenge

The client at a lakeside property in Benowa, Gold Coast, was struggling to enjoy her newly landscaped garden due to aggressive black swans that had taken a liking to the area. The previous Rip Rap Rock Armouring had deteriorated over time, sliding into the lake and creating an accessible path for the swans and other local wildlife.

Our Solution

To address the issue, Australian Retaining Walls recommended replenishing the embankment with new bluestone Rip Rap Rock Armouring. A truckload of sharp-edged bluestone rocks was delivered, and a makeshift ramp was built over the recently constructed Heron concrete block steps to facilitate the placement of the rocks. The bluestone was strategically stacked to create a robust barrier along the lake frontage, designed to be a formidable obstacle even for the most determined wildlife.


The installation of the new bluestone Rip Rap Rock Armouring successfully revitalized the lakeside defence, significantly reducing wildlife intrusion and protecting the garden from erosion. The client can now enjoy her garden without the disturbance from the swans, appreciating the enhanced security and aesthetic appeal of the rugged, natural stone barrier.

Project Highlights

This project in Benowa, Gold Coast, showcased Australian Retaining Walls' ability to adapt to environmental and wildlife-related challenges. The use of sharp-edged bluestone not only reinforced the shoreline but also blended seamlessly with the natural surroundings, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the lakeside property. The successful implementation of this solution highlights the company's expertise in providing effective, customised erosion control and wildlife deterrent strategies.

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