Retaining Wall Gold Coast – Garden Extension and Steps in Bonogin

Retaining Wall Gold Coast – Garden Extension and Steps in Bonogin

Client Challenge

The client in Bonogin, Gold Coast, sought to enhance their backyard by extending the garden areas and adding steps for better access to the lower yard. They wanted a solution that would not only provide practical access but also improve the overall aesthetic appeal of their garden.

Our Solution

To meet the client's needs, we employed Windsrstone concrete blocks for the retaining walls and sandstone slabs for the steps. The construction process began with the use of our excavators to dig out the designated areas. For the steps, which weigh around 300kg each, we carefully slung and positioned them using our machinery. This ensured precise placement and stability, creating a sturdy and visually appealing set of steps.


The project resulted in a beautifully structured backyard with clearly defined garden areas. The Windsrstone concrete block retaining walls provided the necessary support and definition, while the sandstone slab steps offered both functionality and an attractive feature. The addition of these elements not only improved access to the lower yard but also significantly enhanced the garden's overall look. The client was particularly pleased with the curved design of the steps, which added a unique and elegant touch to the landscape.

Project Highlights

This project stood out due to the successful integration of practical and aesthetic elements. The curved sandstone steps, which required careful handling and precise placement, came out looking fantastic, adding a unique visual appeal to the backyard. The entire project was completed within two weeks, showcasing our ability to deliver high-quality results efficiently. The new garden structure provides the client with a beautiful and functional outdoor space, enhancing their property's value and enjoyment.

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