Reedy Creek's Grand Sandstone Transformation

Reedy Creek's Grand Sandstone Transformation

Project Overview:

In the scenic Reedy Creek area of the Gold Coast, QLD, a client envisioned a substantial retaining wall to contour their large property in preparation for new home construction. Australian Retaining Walls stepped in to bring this vision to life with a "B Grade cut" Sandstone boulder wall, renowned for its robustness and natural aesthetics.

Our Approach:

Understanding the urgency due to the ongoing house construction, our team wasted no time post the completion of the onsite pool. With meticulous planning and coordination with the builders, we ensured the sandstone wall perfectly aligned with the property's architectural blueprint. Employing an excavator equipped with a rock grab, our skilled operator, guided by a spotter, precisely placed each boulder, paying close attention to the delicate proximity to the newly constructed pool.

The Construction:

The project's unique challenge was the property's steep gradient, which led us to propose a two-tiered retaining wall design. This innovative solution not only addressed the slope issue but also maximised the usability of the land, creating two expansive, level terrains. The top tier seamlessly extended the leisure space by the pool, while the middle tier offered ample room for landscaping or gardening endeavors.

Project Highlights:

  • Location: Reedy Creek, Gold Coast QLD
  • Type of Wall: "B Grade cut" Sandstone Boulder Wall
  • Unique Feature: Two-tier design for enhanced land utility
  • Outcome: The project culminated in the successful delivery of a structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing retaining wall, completed within the desired timeframe. The two-tiered structure not only solved the sloping land issue but also added significant value and beauty to the property, aligning perfectly with the client's expectations.

This Reedy Creek project stands as a testament to Australian Retaining Walls' commitment to delivering superior retaining wall solutions that are as functional as they are beautiful, tailored to the unique needs of each property.

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