Random Sandstone Boulder Wall Installation in Gold Coast

Random Sandstone Boulder Wall Installation in Gold Coast

Client Challenge

The property owner in Gold Coast had a clear vision for their outdoor space and requested a retaining wall made of random sandstone boulders. The job was priced based on the plans before the block was cut, allowing for precise planning and execution.

Our Solution

Once the builder cut the pad, Australian Retaining Walls swiftly initiated the project. The construction of the random sandstone boulder wall was completed in just one day, showcasing our efficiency and expertise.

Construction Process:

  1. Preparation and Excavation: The job commenced immediately after the block was cut, ensuring no delays in the project timeline.
  2. Material Selection: High-quality random sandstone boulders were selected for their durability and aesthetic appeal.
  3. Wall Construction:
    • Placement: The boulders were strategically placed to create a natural and visually appealing structure.
    • Backfilling: The wall was backfilled with geotextile fabric, 20mm drainage gravel, and a 100mm ag pipe to ensure proper drainage and prevent water buildup.
    • Stabilization: The careful placement and backfilling process ensured that the wall would remain stable and effective for a lifetime.


The completed random sandstone boulder wall provided a beautiful, natural look that the property owner desired. The efficient construction process and use of durable materials guaranteed that the wall would last a lifetime. Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of the sandstone boulders made this solution cheaper than traditional timber sleeper walls, offering long-term savings and reduced maintenance.

Project Highlights

This project in Gold Coast demonstrated Australian Retaining Walls' capability to deliver high-quality retaining wall solutions swiftly and efficiently. Key highlights include:

  • Rapid Completion: The entire wall was built in just one day, minimizing disruption to the property.
  • Durability: The use of random sandstone boulders ensures the wall will withstand the test of time and weather conditions.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: This solution proved to be cheaper than timber sleeper walls while providing superior longevity and aesthetic appeal.
  • Effective Drainage: The inclusion of geotextile fabric, drainage gravel, and an ag pipe ensures effective water management, preventing potential damage.

The client was extremely satisfied with the result, enjoying a stunning and functional addition to their property that enhances both its appearance and value. This project exemplified our commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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