Hand Placed Sandstone Rock Wall Installation in Carrara

Hand Placed Sandstone Rock Wall Installation in Carrara

Client Challenge

The homeowners in Carrara, Gold Coast, needed to replace their failing timber retaining wall. They desired a natural look that blended seamlessly with the surrounding environment. The timber wall's lack of drainage had caused the ground to become saturated, posing a risk to the property and requiring a robust solution.

Our Solution

Australian Retaining Walls recommended a Hand Placed Sandstone Rock Wall for its natural aesthetic and durability. The project involved constructing the wall from the rear of the house, continuing down the side, and turning into the driveway retaining wall.

Construction Process:

  1. Rear and Side Wall:

    • The existing concrete pathways along the side of the house provided a solid base for the sandstone rocks.
    • The sandstone rocks were bedded onto the concrete with mortar to prevent any forward slipping.
    • Multiple 65mm drainage pipes were installed behind this section to address the waterlogging issue. Additionally, a natural outlet was created with strategically placed rocks to facilitate water flow.
  2. Driveway Wall:

    • The grass was dug up to allow the base rocks to settle naturally into the ground.
    • No mortar was used underneath this section to allow natural settling, ensuring stability and a seamless look.
    • The top course of rocks, or "the capping," was mortared down to provide a level and finished appearance.


The new Hand Placed Sandstone Rock Wall not only replaced the failing timber wall but also significantly enhanced the property's aesthetic appeal. The strategic installation of drainage pipes and natural outlets effectively resolved the drainage issues. The natural look of the sandstone rocks provided a beautiful and durable solution that the homeowners loved.

Project Highlights

This project in Carrara, Gold Coast, showcased Australian Retaining Walls' expertise in delivering high-quality, natural-looking retaining wall solutions. Key highlights include:

  • Efficient replacement of a failing timber wall with a durable sandstone rock wall.
  • Effective drainage solutions to manage waterlogging and prevent future issues.
  • Use of existing concrete pathways for stability and integration of the wall into the driveway without mortar for a natural finish.
  • Mortaring the top course of rocks for a polished and level appearance.

The clients were extremely satisfied with the results, enjoying the natural beauty and functionality of their new sandstone rock wall. This project demonstrated our commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

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