Hand Placed Sandstone Retaining Wall Transformation in Arundel, QLD

Hand Placed Sandstone Retaining Wall Transformation in Arundel, QLD

Client Challenge:

At a residence in Arundel, Gold Coast QLD, homeowners were confronted with an unsightly and deteriorating timber retaining wall, a relic from when the house was initially constructed. Seeking a more aesthetically pleasing and durable solution, they consulted Australian Retaining Walls for expert advice on a suitable replacement.

Our Solution:

Initially inclined towards a different system, the clients were swayed by the beauty and functionality of our Hand Placed & Dry Stacked Sandstone Rock Walls. To their delight, they discovered that this option was competitively priced, comparable to their original choice. The project's complexity was heightened by limited access to the property's rear, necessitating the use of a micro excavator to excavate the large garden and remove the old timber wall. The construction began with the careful selection and placement of the largest base stones, followed by the strategic sorting of the remaining sandstone rocks for capping and cornerstones.


The transformation was profound. Not only were the rear and side walls beautifully reconstructed with Hand Placed & Dry Stacked Sandstone, but the front's old blue stone garden walls were also replaced to match. For added stability, the capstones were cemented, culminating in a cohesive and visually stunning result. The final touch involved hosing down the sandstone to accentuate its natural beauty, sourced from local quarries.

Project Highlights:

  • Location: Arundel, Gold Coast QLD
  • Solution: Hand Placed & Dry Stacked Sandstone Rock Walls
  • Challenges: Limited access and removal of an old timber wall
  • Unique Features: Use of locally sourced sandstone, micro excavator for precise excavation, and cemented capstones for enhanced stability
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