Hand Placed & Dry Stacked Sandstone Rock Wall Installation in Currumbin

Hand Placed & Dry Stacked Sandstone Rock Wall Installation in Currumbin

Client Challenge

The homeowners in Currumbin, Gold Coast, had recently renovated the exterior of their house, leaving the old timber retaining wall at the rear looking outdated and unappealing. They desired a more natural and aesthetically pleasing solution to complement their new renovations.

Our Solution

Australian Retaining Walls proposed a Hand Placed & Dry Stacked Sandstone Rock Wall to replace the old timber wall. This choice provided a natural look that the clients desired. The large concrete slab extending from the house to the old wall was left undisturbed, with the new sandstone rocks mortared directly on top of the slab for stability.

Construction Process:

  1. Demolition and Preparation: The old timber wall was removed, and a bobcat was used to transport the sandstone rocks from the front yard to the rear without damaging the concrete slab.

  2. Rock Categorization: The sandstone rocks were separated into four categories:

    • Base Stones: Usually the largest stones, providing a solid foundation.
    • Cornerstones: Stones with two usable faces, placed carefully for structural integrity.
    • Caps: Flat-topped stones with an appealing shape, used for the top layer.
    • General Construction Stones: Used for the main body of the wall.
  3. Wall Construction:

    • Base Layer: The base stones were mortared down onto the concrete slab.
    • Drainage Installation: A 65mm drainage pipe was placed behind the wall, covered with 20mm gravel, and separated by geotextile fabric to prevent soil clogging.
    • Building Up the Wall: The wall was built up layer by layer, with careful placement of cornerstones and general construction stones.
    • Top Layer: The caps were cemented down for extra stability and a finished look.


The Hand Placed & Dry Stacked Sandstone Rock Wall significantly improved the aesthetics of the property, providing a natural and timeless look. The drainage system effectively managed water flow, preventing future issues. The homeowners were delighted with the transformation, which perfectly complemented their recent house renovations.

Project Highlights

This project in Currumbin, Gold Coast, demonstrated Australian Retaining Walls' expertise in delivering high-quality, natural-looking retaining wall solutions. Key highlights include:

  • Efficient and careful demolition and preparation to protect existing structures.
  • Meticulous categorization and placement of sandstone rocks for structural integrity and visual appeal.
  • Installation of an effective drainage system to ensure long-term stability.
  • Significant aesthetic improvement, enhancing the overall look of the property.

The clients were extremely pleased with the result, enjoying a beautiful and functional outdoor space that matched their home's new exterior. This project exemplified our commitment to quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction.

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