Durable Transformation: Bush Rock Boulder Wall in Gold Coast

Durable Transformation: Bush Rock Boulder Wall in Gold Coast

Client Challenge

A Gold Coast property faced the inevitable decline of a timber retaining wall, which, despite its relatively recent construction, was succumbing to the pressure of the soil it was meant to hold. The 50mm thick pine sleeper horizontal beams were bulging, signaling the wall's inadequacy and the urgent need for a more resilient solution.

Our Solution

Understanding the homeowners' preference for a cost-effective yet long-lasting solution, Australian Retaining Walls presented multiple options. The choice was clear for the owners: a Bush Rock boulder system, renowned for its durability and natural aesthetics. Our engineer associate meticulously designed the new structure, ensuring compliance with all necessary forms and regulations, while our team managed the building application process, seamlessly transitioning from the old to the new.


The transformation was marked by the careful removal of the failing timber wall and a portion of the driveway to accommodate the robust Bush Rock boulder wall. In addition to meeting the structural needs, the project also involved vegetation removal at the owners' request, further customizing the space to their preferences. The new wall not only fortified the property but also enhanced its natural charm.

Project Highlights

  • Type of Retaining Wall: Bush Rock Boulder Retaining Wall
  • Unique Features: Custom-engineered design for enhanced durability, seamless integration into the existing landscape, and removal of unsuitable vegetation.
  • Notable Achievements: Successful replacement of an inadequate timber wall with a superior Bush Rock solution, ensuring longevity and aesthetic appeal while adhering to the client's budgetary considerations.

This case study exemplifies Australian Retaining Walls' commitment to providing tailored, lasting retaining wall solutions. Our expertise and customer-centric approach ensure that every project, regardless of its challenges, results in a functional and visually appealing outcome.

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