Windsor Keystone Garden Wall Construction for New Upper Coomera Residence

Windsor Keystone Garden Wall Construction for New Upper Coomera Residence

For a new build in Upper Coomera, Gold Coast QLD, the task was to select and install a retaining wall system that would complement the future residence while adhering to strict construction timelines. The project was further complicated by adverse weather conditions, which led to significant water accumulation at the site, necessitating multiple instances of water pumping to ensure a workable environment.

Our Solution

The Windsor Keystone Garden Wall concrete block system was chosen for its aesthetic appeal and functionality, fitting perfectly with the project's requirements. Despite the spacious working area, the weather posed a significant challenge, but our team demonstrated resilience by effectively managing the site conditions. Following the drainage of excess rainwater, excavation began, guided by the building plans to precisely shape the embankment and prepare the footing. With the arrival of materials, construction commenced with the laying of a solid concrete footing, upon which the Keystone Garden Wall blocks were meticulously set. As the wall took shape, our standard drainage system was integrated, featuring geotextile fabric to prevent soil intrusion, a 65mm perforated drainage pipe for effective water management, and strategically placed outlets to facilitate water escape.


Despite the challenges posed by the weather, the Windsor Keystone Garden Wall was completed on schedule, providing the new build in Upper Coomera with a durable and aesthetically pleasing retaining solution. The project's success was marked by the seamless execution under less-than-ideal conditions, culminating in the preparation of a garden area that further enhanced the wall's functionality and visual appeal. The timely completion of the wall prior to the commencement of house construction underscored our commitment to meeting deadlines and ensuring client satisfaction.

Project Highlights

This Upper Coomera project showcases our expertise in constructing Windsor Keystone Garden Wall systems, particularly under challenging weather conditions and tight deadlines. Our ability to manage site conditions, coupled with our commitment to quality and efficiency, resulted in a successful project completion that not only met but exceeded the client's expectations. The addition of a garden area at the wall's forefront added a final touch of beauty to the functional structure, demonstrating our dedication to delivering comprehensive landscaping solutions that enhance new builds on the Gold Coast.

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