Windsor Concrete Block Wall Upgrade at Hillcrest Christian College

Windsor Concrete Block Wall Upgrade at Hillcrest Christian College

Client Challenge

Hillcrest Christian College faced the issue of a deteriorating timber wall that required urgent replacement to maintain the safety and aesthetics of the school's exterior. Having worked with the college on previous exterior upgrades, Australian Retaining Walls was tasked with advising and implementing a suitable replacement solution.

Our Solution

After a thorough assessment, a Windsor Concrete Block wall was recommended for its durability and compatibility with the school's existing structures. To minimize disruption and ensure safety, arrangements were made for the project to be carried out during the school holidays. The demolition of the old timber wall was executed efficiently, making way for the construction of the new Windsor Concrete Block wall. One of the key challenges encountered was the integration of the new wall with the school's rendered wall. This required precision block cutting, a task adeptly handled by our skilled tradesmen, to ensure a seamless transition. The design included a curve under a staircase, adding a dynamic visual element while maintaining the structural integrity and safety of the wall.


The completion of the Windsor Concrete Block wall at Hillcrest Christian College resulted in a significant enhancement of the school's exterior, offering a robust, safe, and visually appealing solution. The successful integration with the existing rendered wall and the curved design under the stairs demonstrated Australian Retaining Walls' commitment to aesthetic excellence and functional design.

Project Highlights

This project at Hillcrest Christian College exemplifies Australian Retaining Walls' expertise in delivering tailored retaining wall solutions that meet the specific needs of educational institutions. The ability to work within tight timeframes, such as school holidays, and address unique architectural challenges, such as merging new structures with existing ones, showcases our adaptability and dedication to client satisfaction. The Windsor Concrete Block wall stands as a testament to our ongoing relationship with the college, reinforcing our role in enhancing educational environments on the Gold Coast.

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