Windsor Concrete Block Wall and Versa Block Steps in Carrara, Gold Coast

Windsor Concrete Block Wall and Versa Block Steps in Carrara, Gold Coast

Client Challenge

The homeowners in Carrara, Gold Coast, required additional off-street parking to accommodate their vehicles legally, given the busy road and roundabout near their property. The main challenge was managing the traffic during construction and removing the existing raised garden to make space for parking.

Our Solution

To maximize the space efficiently, we employed an 8-tonne excavator and several trucks to remove the old garden. A Windsor concrete block wall was selected for its durability and aesthetic appeal. Construction began with precise leveling using a laser, followed by laying the blocks on a solid concrete footing. We ensured proper drainage by installing a 65mm drainage pipe and backfilling with 20mm gravel, while geotextile fabric was used to keep the soil separate from the gravel.


The new parking area was successfully created with the installation of the Windsor concrete block wall, providing the much-needed off-street parking. The addition of steps made from Versa concrete blocks in a lighter shade introduced a visually appealing contrast to the wall, turning the staircase into a standout feature of the property. The area was finished off with new soil and turf, fully transforming the front yard into a practical and attractive space.

Project Highlights

This Carrara, Gold Coast project highlights our ability to handle construction challenges in busy areas while delivering a functional and appealing solution. The use of Windsor concrete blocks for the retaining wall and Versa blocks for the steps not only enhanced the property's utility but also its curb appeal. The project demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality, durable landscaping solutions that meet the specific needs and preferences of our clients.

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