Windsor Concrete Block Wall and Bamboo Screen Installation in Gold Coast

Windsor Concrete Block Wall and Bamboo Screen Installation in Gold Coast

Client Challenge

The client was facing issues with an old timber retaining wall that had succumbed to rot and structural failure. Additionally, they desired an aesthetic upgrade to their patio area to make it more inviting and functional. The challenge was to replace the failing structure with something more durable and modern while enhancing the outdoor living space.

Our Solution

After thorough consultation, we decided that a Windsor concrete block wall would best meet the client’s needs for durability and modern aesthetics. The project commenced with the demolition of the old timber wall and fence. We then constructed the new wall, setting the base blocks in concrete and stacking the subsequent layers to the required height. Proper drainage was ensured by installing 20mm gravel and a 65mm pipe behind the wall, with geotextile fabric to prevent soil contamination.


The replacement with the Windsor concrete block wall significantly improved the structural integrity and visual appeal of the property. The addition of a new timber fence with hardwood posts and treated pine provided renewed privacy and security. The patio area was also revitalized with the installation of Bamboo screens, which were treated with wood stain to enhance durability and complement the property’s aesthetic.

Project Highlights

This project showcases our ability to address multiple client concerns simultaneously, from structural safety to aesthetic enhancements. The Windsor concrete block wall offers a modern and robust alternative to traditional timber walls, ensuring long-term stability and minimal maintenance. The integration of Bamboo screens into the patio area highlights our commitment to creating enjoyable outdoor living spaces, tailored to the client’s lifestyle and preferences. This case study exemplifies our expertise in delivering comprehensive landscaping solutions that combine functionality with aesthetic appeal.

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