Windsor Concrete Block Wall Replacements at Hill Crest Christian College

Windsor Concrete Block Wall Replacements at Hill Crest Christian College

Client Challenge:

Hill Crest Christian College faced the gradual failure of its original "Old Railway Sleeper" retaining walls, which, despite their longevity, were succumbing to termite damage and decay. The need for a durable and economical replacement became evident as more walls began to fail around the school grounds.

Our Solution:

Given our history of successful projects with the college, Australian Retaining Walls was once again chosen to undertake the replacement of these failing structures. The Windsor concrete block was selected for its economic value and durability, ensuring a long-lasting solution without the risk of termite-related decay. To accommodate the new installations, it was necessary to remove the existing shrubbery in front of the old walls, with the option for replanting post-construction. As is our standard practice, we provided all necessary engineering designs and certifications (forms 15 & 16) to ensure compliance and safety.


The replacement work was strategically scheduled during school holidays to minimize disruption and ensure the safety of the school community. The old railway sleeper walls were efficiently dismantled and replaced with new Windsor concrete block retaining walls, significantly improving the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the school grounds. The project was executed with our usual attention to detail and adherence to safety standards, resulting in another successful collaboration with Hill Crest Christian College.

Project Highlights:

This project marks our fifth retaining wall replacement at Hill Crest Christian College, demonstrating our ongoing relationship and trusted expertise in providing durable retaining wall solutions on the Gold Coast. The use of Windsor concrete blocks for their economy and resistance to decay highlights our commitment to delivering cost-effective and long-term solutions for our clients, even in the context of educational institutions where safety and minimal disruption are paramount.

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