Vertica Concrete Block Wall Replacement in Ashmore, Gold Coast

Vertica Concrete Block Wall Replacement in Ashmore, Gold Coast

Client Challenge

In Ashmore, Gold Coast QLD, homeowners were confronted with the imminent failure of an existing timber retaining wall, necessitating a prompt and robust replacement. The proximity of the pool added complexity to the project, requiring meticulous care during demolition to prevent any debris or personnel from compromising the pool's integrity.

Our Solution

Upon consultation, the Vertica concrete block system was selected for its suitability in replacing the timber wall, offering both strength and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The project commenced with the careful dismantling of the old pine fence and hardwood sleeper wall. The discovery of a previous project—a small hardwood sleeper wall with steel “H” beam posts—above the planned Vertica wall location highlighted our ongoing relationship with the client. With the demolition phase completed, our team precisely prepared the ground, setting the Vertica blocks into a concrete footing to establish a solid base. Attention to detail was paramount in installing the drainage system the following day, featuring a 65mm perforated pipe, geotextile fabric, and 20mm drainage gravel to ensure the wall's longevity. The construction culminated in the stacking and core-filling of the blocks, topped with a securely glued cap for a seamless finish.


The transformation achieved with the Vertica concrete block wall not only resolved the issue of the failing timber wall but also significantly enhanced the property's aesthetic and structural integrity. The careful consideration of the pool's proximity during the demolition and construction phases ensured a smooth project flow without any incidents. The final result is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality, durable retaining wall solutions tailored to our clients' specific needs.

Project Highlights

This Ashmore project underscores our proficiency in navigating challenging site conditions to deliver bespoke retaining wall solutions, as exemplified by the Vertica concrete block wall installation. Our comprehensive approach—from careful demolition to precise construction and effective drainage implementation—reflects our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. The seamless integration of this project with an adjacent Australian Retaining Walls undertaking further demonstrates our ability to maintain consistent excellence across multiple projects, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted retaining wall specialist in the Gold Coast region.

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