Versa Concrete Block Wall Success Story in Gold Coast Neighbourhood

Versa Concrete Block Wall Success Story in Gold Coast Neighbourhood

Client Challenge

At this Gold Coast property, the challenge was presented by an outdated timber wall that was no longer serving its purpose effectively. The property owner, a retired builder, having observed the high-quality workmanship of Australian Retaining Walls at the neighbouring property, sought their expertise for a more durable and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Our Solution

Responding to the client's needs, we proposed the construction of a Versa concrete block wall, known for its strength and visual appeal. The project commenced with the careful demolition of the existing timber structure, followed by the excavation of a small footing to lay the foundation for the new wall. The Versa concrete blocks were meticulously set on a concrete base, ensuring stability and precision. As the wall reached the desired height, the blocks were core-filled to enhance their strength, and the structure was crowned with an attractive cap for a polished finish. Integral to the construction was our standard drainage system, comprising a 65mm pipe, 20mm gravel, and geo-textile fabric, strategically placed behind the wall to ensure efficient water management.


The installation of the Versa concrete block wall significantly improved the property's landscape, offering not only a robust retaining solution but also enhancing the aesthetic value of the outdoor space. The restoration of the disturbed paving marked the final step in the project, ensuring the site was left in impeccable condition. The project's success was epitomised by the satisfaction of the retired builder, who appreciated the professional approach and the high-quality outcome of the work.

Project Highlights

This project highlights Australian Retaining Walls' capability to deliver top-tier retaining wall solutions, as evidenced by the endorsement from a retired builder with a discerning eye for quality. The use of Versa concrete blocks not only provided the necessary structural support but also contributed to the visual appeal of the property. Our commitment to integrating effective drainage systems and restoring the site to its original condition underscores our dedication to comprehensive service delivery, cementing our reputation as a trusted provider of retaining wall services in the Gold Coast area.

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