Transforming a Lakeside Area with Windsor Concrete Block Walls in Coombabah

Transforming a Lakeside Area with Windsor Concrete Block Walls in Coombabah

Client Challenge

The new owners of a property in Coombabah, Gold Coast QLD, were faced with the challenge of a largely unusable lakeside area. Concerned about safety and eager to create a flat play area for their children, with easy access to a future pontoon, they sought a practical and aesthetic solution.

Our Solution

After thorough consultation, the Windsor concrete block wall system was chosen for its suitability for the lakeside setting and its ability to meet the clients' safety and usability requirements. The project commenced with significant excavation work, facilitated by a 4-tonne excavator, and the strategic stockpiling of aggregate for later use as backfill. The construction of two 1-metre high Windsor concrete block walls resulted in the creation of three distinct tiers, each designed with a specific purpose to enhance the usability and aesthetics of the space. The bottom tier was turfed to provide a soft play area for the children, the middle tier was mulched for low-maintenance landscaping, and the top tier was equipped with pool fencing to ensure safety and peace of mind for the family.


The transformation of the lakeside area into a multi-tiered, functional space significantly enhanced the property's appeal and utility. The inclusion of steps leading down to the pontoon area further improved accessibility and enjoyment of the lakeside setting. The project's success was underscored by the clients' satisfaction, who were thrilled with the new, child-friendly environment created by Australian Retaining Walls.

Project Highlights

This Coombabah project highlights Australian Retaining Walls' ability to deliver comprehensive outdoor solutions that combine safety, functionality, and aesthetics. The use of Windsor concrete block walls to create distinct tiers demonstrates our expertise in crafting spaces that cater to the diverse needs of families. The project's meticulous planning, from excavation to the installation of safety features, showcases our commitment to transforming challenging landscapes into valuable assets for our clients on the Gold Coast.

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