Transformative Vertica Concrete Block Wall Project in Nerang, Gold Coast

Transformative Vertica Concrete Block Wall Project in Nerang, Gold Coast

Client Challenge

The homeowner in Nerang, Gold Coast, was faced with a steeply sloping backyard that was largely unusable. The goal was to transform this space into a practical and enjoyable area, requiring a retaining wall solution that could provide both the necessary strength and aesthetic appeal.

Our Solution

Given the project's demands, we recommended a Vertica concrete block wall with Geogrid reinforcing, capable of withstanding the pressures of the steep slope. Each block weighed nearly 40kg, ensuring the wall's durability and stability. The logistics of moving the substantial materials needed for the project, including the blocks and concrete blend, were complicated by limited access, requiring careful coordination and the use of a bobcat.


The construction involved a substantial footing for the top wall and the integration of Geogrids for added strength, particularly crucial for the 2.3m tall top wall. To connect the house to the garden shed, two sets of stairs were constructed using Vertica concrete blocks for the risers and charcoal pavers for the treads. Effective drainage was ensured with a 100mm pipe and 20mm gravel behind each wall. Additionally, we extended and redirected the property's downpipes to effectively manage water flow, further enhancing the garden's functionality.

Project Highlights

This Nerang, Gold Coast project showcases our expertise in overcoming logistical challenges and engineering high-strength retaining walls for steep landscapes. The Vertica concrete block wall with Geogrid reinforcing not only stabilised the sloping yard but also transformed it into an aesthetically pleasing and usable space. The inclusion of functional stairs and an efficient drainage system exemplifies our holistic approach to landscape transformation, ensuring both beauty and utility.

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