Textured Concrete Sleeper Wall Installation in Nerang, Gold Coast: A Compact Solution

Textured Concrete Sleeper Wall Installation in Nerang, Gold Coast: A Compact Solution

Client Challenge

Suncrest Homes approached us with a need for a retaining wall that would not only provide structural support but also maximise the usable space on their property in Nerang, Gold Coast. With the garage situated close to the boundary, a solution that occupied minimal space was essential. The presence of hard clay on the site added to the complexity of the installation process.

Our Solution

After evaluating various options, a Textured Concrete sleeper wall with galvanised steel "H Beam" posts was identified as the most suitable system. This choice was driven by the system's minimal space requirement of just 150mm in total width, making it an ideal fit for the constrained space. Utilising our excavator with a 450mm auger, we drilled holes 1.5 meters deep to secure the large steel posts, ensuring the stability of the 1.4 metre tall wall. The precision setting of these posts was critical, achieved through the use of a laser level.


The Textured Concrete sleeper wall not only met the spatial constraints but also added a visually appealing element to the property. Despite the challenges posed by the hard clay and the need for precise post placement, the wall was successfully installed. The addition of a 100mm drainage pipe and 20mm gravel behind the wall, coupled with geotextile fabric, ensures efficient water management, preventing hydraulic pressure build-up.

Project Highlights

This project in Nerang, Gold Coast, exemplifies our ability to deliver custom retaining wall solutions that meet specific client needs while navigating site challenges. The Textured Concrete sleeper wall stands out for its space efficiency, structural integrity, and aesthetic appeal. The successful installation, despite the hard clay and height requirements, showcases our expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality, durable retaining wall solutions.

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