Terrace Transformation with Heron Concrete Blocks in Gold Coast Garden

Terrace Transformation with Heron Concrete Blocks in Gold Coast Garden

Client Challenge

The primary goal for Australian Retaining Walls in this Gold Coast project was to convert a largely underutilized garden area into two functional terraces, one aligning with the outdoor entertaining area and the other with the pool space. The project presented significant logistical challenges, notably the restricted access to the backyard, necessitating the transport of all materials and equipment through the garage and temporary removal of fence panels.

Our Solution

Despite the access difficulties, our team embarked on this ambitious project with meticulous planning and precision. The use of Heron Concrete Blocks was central to the design, not only for constructing the retaining walls but also for creating matching steps that seamlessly integrated with the existing dining and pool decks. Achieving the correct heights for both terraces was crucial to ensure a fluid transition between the various outdoor living spaces. The construction process involved laying the base blocks on a solid concrete footing, followed by stacking and core-filling the subsequent layers to build the retaining walls. The steps were also constructed with a concrete base to ensure durability and stability. To manage water drainage effectively, a 65mm drainage pipe was discreetly installed with outlets on the side of each wall, and the backfill was completed using 20mm gravel. Both walls were meticulously designed to remain under 1 metre in height to bypass the need for planning permissions and council fees.


The transformation of the garden into two level terraces not only maximized the usability of the outdoor space but also added significant aesthetic appeal with the Heron Concrete Blocks and matching steps. The careful attention to matching heights ensured a cohesive look and feel with the existing structures, ultimately enhancing the overall outdoor living experience. Despite the logistical challenges, the project was executed flawlessly, resulting in two beautifully terraced areas that offer versatile outdoor enjoyment.

Project Highlights

This project exemplifies Australian Retaining Walls' ability to overcome logistical challenges and create functional, aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces using Heron Concrete Blocks. Our commitment to detailed planning, collaboration with the client, and innovative problem-solving led to the successful conversion of an underutilized area into valuable terraces that complement the home's outdoor entertaining and pool areas. The project stands as a testament to our expertise in delivering custom retaining wall solutions that enhance the beauty and functionality of outdoor spaces on the Gold Coast.

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