Terrace and Besser Block Retaining Walls for New Cedervale Reservoir

Terrace and Besser Block Retaining Walls for New Cedervale Reservoir

Client Challenge

The installation of a new water reservoir in Cedervale presented a unique challenge that required the incorporation of retaining walls to support the structure effectively. The project demanded a solution that not only provided the necessary support but also harmonised with the existing walls on site, ensuring a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Our Solution

To meet this challenge head-on, we engaged in thorough discussions with the project manager, ultimately selecting Terrace block masonry for the wall at the reservoir's rear. This choice was instrumental in achieving a seamless integration with the site's existing walls. Additionally, we embraced sustainability by incorporating a significant quantity of salvaged blocks from a previously dismantled wall, further aligning with the project's environmental considerations. For the reservoir's front, we opted for a robust 200 series Besser block wall, meticulously constructed after modifying the adjacent road to accommodate this new feature. The wall's design prioritised durability, featuring core filling with concrete and ample steel reinforcement.


The project's completion marked a significant enhancement to the Cedervale water reservoir, with the Terrace and Besser block retaining walls fulfilling their functional roles while also contributing to the site's visual appeal. The meticulous construction process and strategic material choices ensured that the new structures stood in perfect harmony with their surroundings, thereby supporting the reservoir's infrastructure and enhancing its overall aesthetic.

Project Highlights

This Cedervale project showcased our capability in integrating Terrace block masonry and 200 series Besser block walls within a significant community infrastructure project. Our commitment to sustainability was evident in our reuse of salvaged blocks, underscoring our dedication to environmentally responsible practices. The strategic construction of these retaining walls not only supported the new water reservoir but also matched the existing site aesthetics, demonstrating our expertise in delivering complex, customised retaining wall solutions on the Gold Coast.

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