Split Face Besser Block Wall for Clover Hill State School Access Improvement

Split Face Besser Block Wall for Clover Hill State School Access Improvement

Client Challenge

Clover Hill State School faced a logistical dilemma with a sloping grass bank that hindered the access of delivery and maintenance vehicles to the school's rear. The challenge was to convert this incline into a level area without compromising the limited space available, particularly given the constraints posed by the adjacent tennis court and restricted access to the site.

Our Solution

Acknowledging the school's specific needs, we determined that a Split face Besser Block system would be the ideal solution to maximise the utilisation of the constrained space. Our team embarked on this project during the school holidays to minimise disruption, employing a compact excavator to meticulously prepare the site for construction. Following the excavation, we laid a solid foundation with a concrete footing reinforced with steel, setting the stage for the construction of the Split face Besser Block wall. Our skilled tradesmen then proceeded to build the wall, ensuring its strength and stability by core-filling the blocks with concrete and reinforcing them with 16mm steel bars. A neat capping was added to finish off the wall, not only ensuring its durability but also enhancing its aesthetic appeal.


The completion of the Split face Besser Block wall significantly transformed the area, providing the school with the much-needed level access for its delivery and maintenance vehicles. The project's success was further complemented by our follow-up work, which involved preparing the area behind the wall for turf and creating a spoon drain alongside the tennis court to manage water flow, thus completing another timely project for Australian Retaining Walls.

Project Highlights

This project at Clover Hill State School showcases our expertise in utilising Split face Besser Block walls to address unique challenges in tight spaces. Our ability to deliver tailored solutions that not only meet functional requirements but also blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment underscores our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The efficient completion of this project during the school holidays further highlights our adaptability and consideration for our clients' operational needs, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted provider of retaining wall solutions on the Gold Coast.

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