Space-Efficient Versa Concrete Block Wall Construction in Gilston

Space-Efficient Versa Concrete Block Wall Construction in Gilston

Client Challenge

In Gilston, Gold Coast QLD, a homeowner faced the dilemma of incorporating a retaining wall on their property post-house pad construction, without compromising on the limited available space. The need for a wall that combined aesthetic appeal with spatial efficiency was paramount, especially with the impending construction of the house.

Our Solution

Upon careful appraisal, the Versa concrete block system was identified as the ideal solution, thanks to its minimal step-back design that conserves land. This system requires only 400mm of land, including the drainage, making it exceptionally space-efficient. Our team began the project by accurately locating the boundary pegs and determining the optimal position for the wall, mindful of the council's stipulation for a 600mm clearance from the boundary. Construction commenced with precision, ensuring compliance with both the client's space requirements and council regulations. The Versa blocks were core-filled to enhance the wall's strength, followed by the installation of a comprehensive drainage system to ensure longevity.


The construction of the Versa concrete block wall not only met the client's criteria for space conservation but also added a visually appealing element to the property. The project's completion, marked by the addition of caps for a polished finish, represented another successful endeavour by Australian Retaining Walls, delivering on the promise of functionality without compromising on aesthetic value.

Project Highlights

This Gilston project underscores our expertise in deploying Versa concrete block walls to address specific client challenges, particularly space constraints. Our meticulous planning and execution, adherence to council guidelines, and the strategic selection of materials highlight our commitment to providing tailored retaining wall solutions. The project exemplifies our ability to merge practicality with style, reinforcing our reputation as a premier provider of retaining wall services on the Gold Coast.

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